Hi my name is William and I like designing stuff down to the last detail. Whatever project I have worked on I love getting things right. My past clients will all testify how amazing I was and the professional manner in which was presented.

I always say “if you are not passionate or your heart is not in it then how can you expect your client to trust your creative talent or judgement” with every project I encounter I always deliver.

In 2007 I had an accident that changed my life forever, I had to make life changing decisions that would impact me even today. I chose to pick myself up and dust myself down and say this won’t stop me from becoming the man I want to be.

I chose to enter back into the education because I had no qualifications and no future to look forward too, my first port of call was the basics, Maths, English and IT/computers. From there I went onto an art and design diploma with Newcastle under Lyme College, loved getting dirty with chalk, charcoal, paint and other mediums. One thing I will take away from this course is don’t be afraid to express yourself because the true you will shine.

I then did a two year HND in Graphic design and media production, loved learning about software and tools at our finger tips. Talking of design principles of design and the history of graphic design, from typefaces, paper, colour, size, posters, websites, books, all design across the board, decades, people and artists a like.

At this stage I chose to go freelance for 3 years with some success and a very big learning curve of reality. If you visit my portfolio you will see some of my work from client to personal projects. What will I take away from going freelance? I won’t make the same mistakes again. Also networking is key in the design sector, if you think you can compete against mega companies with price you will fail. But overall I enjoyed it and made a large network of printers, fellow designers and friends.

At the moment I am studying Web Development BSC, while going freelance I encountered companies that wanted somebody in house that could do all the aspects that I’m studying right now, knowledge I did not have before this course, thanks to Staffordshire University I’m on the right track. Also when I was looking for part-time or full-time work the job centre they had loads of jobs that involved the concepts and languages that I’m studying today. I know I made the right choice.

Well that’s enough about me, I could go on but just wanted to highlight the moments that have shaped me, moulded me into the designer, coder developer you see today.