Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? Well here’s my take on it. It’s bringing your site to meet standards ether set by the wider web or you could go off Google’s standards. Using and utilizing Google tools you can see if your site improves in the various setting, it’s a vast subject and to go into detail about it here on this page you might get board.

What do we offer?

We will access your site to see if meets standards, suggest areas that need improving and build up from there. It’s NOT a one stop shop where you do this the once and leave it to rot. You have to think of it as a campaign that you develop and keep developing. Googles services and web standards change everyday it’s your job if you chose to maximize your sites performance to change with it.     

SEO Option 1

We access your site and suggest improvements to your site, give you clear ideas on how to take the website to another level where you take control of it. A one set fee and a report written by us with instructions or how to guide.

SEO Option 2

We give you Option 1 for free and build a campaign with your input and assistance. We also monitor the website and make any changes every month. We do this every month so that’s a monthly fee, this depends on your websites complextiy. 

SEO Option 3

We use a USA company for outsourcing SEO services, we deal with the company direct and Whizzer Productions stays in contact with them on your behalf. The fee is between £50 to £120 a month.   

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