Option 1 – Premium Theme

If you don’t have WordPress installed yet we will help you set this up within your hosting provider. Don’t worry if non of this makes sense we will talk through the whole process, 

We then buy a premium theme and set this up inside your WordPress dashboard. From here on in you take control of the design choices and adding your own content.

This option comes with a monthly maintenance fee based on your choices and level of complexity of website this will dictate how much, or might even be free.  

Option 2 – Free Theme

You might not want a monthly fee to update your site and need to cut costs. Then a free theme is going to be your choice, there are 1000’s to chose from and easy to use. We help find the perfect one for your needs.

Most free themes allow for a child theme CSS layout and design modification to be done on the free theme, we offer this at a fee, of course. You might not like how this box sits there or the site does not fit the screen, we can change these things for you. 

Option 3 – Bespoke Theme

This option is the most expensive but you get a tailored experience that no one else will have or own. Your theme will be unique and fresh, added to this is something you can’t do with other free themes and premium themes is that you can say for example..” My Business Theme ” in the footer and not cross any copyright issues.