The Award Winning Community Scrapshack Film

This was a promotional film for the Community Scrapshack in Fenton Stoke on Trent, this won us a best promo award at the Heat Wave festival 2012 at Newcastle under Lyme College. A big Thank You ! to Chris Beech who was the other half of the team.

Recommendation from Community Scrapshack

We were first introduced to William when he visited us in 2011 to select resources for a project he was doing as part of his University Degree. William became a regular visitor and very quickly identified where he could support the development of Community Scrap Shack with his design skills. In 2012 he worked closely with us to plan a product that reflected our ethos and showed the work we did within the community and after several meetings we embarked on filming our first ever promotional film. Thanks to William and Chris’s patience and vision, we now have an award winning DVD which is played regularly in-house, appears on ScrapstoresUK website and is watched by a growing number of followers on YouTube and Vimeo. William has since done work for us on our customised logo and we look forward to working with Whizzer Productions in the future.

Company Director Michelle Folkes

The Heat Wave 2012 Ticket

Wow! I found this while clearing out my laptop bag. This ticket was used to enter the festival night, I had no idea the film was in the running for an award.

The best Promo award is given to a film that clearly promotes a business and meets the criteria of the judges. There were three films up for this category and we won first place.

Again a big Thank you Chris Beech who with out him we may never of won it.

I would also like to say a Big Thank You to Community Scrap Shack for giving us the opportunity to do this for them.